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1000 Toy Cars for Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton, MA

As we’ve wrapped up our 2012 New England Ferrari Driving Season, we made our toy car drop off at Franciscan Hospital for Children on Friday October 5, 2012. It was a very memorable day pulling into the parking lot and seeing a very excitement group of young children waiting and eager to receive their toy cars. We showed up in Susan, our Red Ferrari 360 Modena and loaded up the front trunk and the passenger seats with about 1000 toy cars.

As I handed out the toy cars, I explained that there was a hand written message from our customers, which the children all appreciated. The Motorsport Lab gives many thanks to our awesome Motorsport Lab customers who contributed their words of wisdom to encourage a speedier and full recovery.

Below is a picture of me with a young gentleman, I believe his name was Andre. Lastly, as I pulled away from the hospital, I started reminding myself what Diane Newark, Director of Development told me — that there is no such thing as a bad once you’ve visited these young children. I’m so glad that The Motorsport Lab community was able to make a contribution that resonated well with the staff, the children and their parents.

More pictures can be found at

The Franciscan Hospital for Children’s Facebook Page with this link:

The Motorsport Lab’s Facebook Page with this link:

103 Toy Cars for Pediatrics at Banner Health in Glendale, Arizona

Had an awesome weekend dropping off 103 Toy Race Cars to add to the Toy stock pile at Banner Health in Glendale, Arizona!

Glad we can be a part of this giving experience — thank you to our awesome team and customers in being able to this!

Take a look at the press release, pictures and a very heart-warming thank you card from Banner Health!

We’re at New Hampshire Motors Speedway this Summer/Fall of 2012 and looking to donate toy cars as well! Give us suggestions of local charities / non-profits that we can help! hello@motorsportlab.com.

100 Toy Cars for Starlight Children’s Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona

We are so excited to say that through our Ferrari4Charity program, our customers and our employees, we raised a total of 90 Toy Cars for Starlight Children’s Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona. And, we’re not done yet! We have a goal of raising at least 100 Toy Cars by the end of April, to be donated to children in local Arizona Hospitals. That’s right, we’re confident we’ll meet them as we have awesome customers and employees supporting this effort! Once we’re done, we’re going to round up all our Toy Cars, load them in our Ferraris and pull up at local area Hospitals and drop off all these awesome Toy Cars — Flash Mob Style!!!!

If our readers have recommendations of worthy and needy charities that we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us: hello@motorsportlab.com.

Welcome the Very Rare Yellow and Tan Ferrari 360 Modena

We wanted to share our new addition to our family! Introducing the ultra rare and exotic, Ferrari 360 Modena in the Yellow Exterior and Tan Interior that we’ve always heard about, but never seen. We saw it and just had to have it so that we can share it with all our Motorsport Lab customers! This will truly be one of the rarest driving experiences in the world!

Below are some photos…enjoy…..see remaining pictures at our Facebook Fan Page and don’t forget to “like us ;-)”

Farewell…Ferrari 360 Modena and Aston Martin DB9

To our community, we wanted to report that we’ve lost 2 of our best friends, our Red, Ferrari 360 Modena, and our Meteorite Silver, Aston Martin DB9. The Ferrari was unfortunately wrecked in an accident in Scottsdale, in which we were not as fault — we were ran off the road, see pictures below.

Our Aston Martin DB9 had an unexpected engine and transmission issue that we had to retire or it would have taken 3-4 weeks to resolve. We’re going to replace it with another Aston Martin, but a lighter Vantage.

Surprisingly and interestingly, we even offered up our popular Lamborghini Gallardo to be a substitute and the response was generally: “we rather wait for the Ferrari as it has been my dream car” and “I rather switch to the Ferrari as it’s way cooler.”

We regret to inform our past (Boston) and future (Phoenix) customers of this sad and tragic news. We know a lot of you are brokenhearted, upset and darn-right frustrated at this situation transpiring during this 2011 holiday season. We’re in the process of replacing both cars with 2 new Ferrari 360s that should arrive to Phoenix the first week in January 2012.

To our Phoenix customers, you should have already received a phone call, voicemail or an eMail from us and we’ll do all we can to accommodate your rescheduling wishes. We apologize that this had to happen right around the holidays and appreciate your patience and support.

Lastly, thank goodness our local Phoenix team, Cassie and Eugene survived such an accident. We wish them a speedy recovery…

Why Supercars as a Marketing Tool?

Much as a curvaceous woman`s form may be used to entice potential customers to buy a particular brand of soda, the sleek and glistening lines of a fine automobile like a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini can be a medium for snagging customer interest at a show, charity event, or trade fair. This form of high impact advertising is meant to cut through the sometimes confusing din of other advertisers. It can effectively stand out from competitors by capturing attention and by its broad appeal to a range of consumers. Such a display can also serve to create “buzz” about a product.

While social scientists and psychologists might debate the finer points of why such advertising works, no one can deny that it does. Studies have repeatedly shown that anything that has the effect of startling or surprising a consumer will significantly impact their memory of the event. For example, a person might happen upon a sparkling red Ferrari displayed in the midst of a trade show. The surprise and pleasure of such an unexpected sight will make it a memorable event and far more memorable than an advertising campaign which handed out t-shirts or baseball caps to potential customers.

Effective advertising also engages the emotions. Create that emotional response and that spark and you will have created a customer that has been impacted in a visceral way by your advertising campaign. For many, such a response can be created through something like a fine automobile. The artistry, the mystique, the sheer pleasure of being near a unique car can engage the emotions in the same way in which love or obsession might. Perhaps it evokes the wonder and excitement of childhood. Entice the curiosity, cause a craving and a desire for a closer look and you will have captured the interest of a consumer in a seemingly effortless way.

Effective advertising also capitalizes on another human psychological quirk, that of selective perception. In short, selective perception is the way in which a person may unconsciously choose to interact with their environment, by filtering out the things that do not hold any interest and by focusing instead exclusively on things which are pleasing. This may be one of the ways in which a lavish and expensive car can become a catalyst to harness consumer attention. By standing out from the crowd in such a bold and approachable way, the consumer will be drawn in, possibly to the exclusion of all else.

Such advertising may also serve to disarm a potentially defensive consumer. Some people dislike being targeted by marketing campaigns. Yet, because the car is merely for display purposes, it is considered innocuous and might appeal to a person who might not otherwise be engaged or interested. Thus, a beautiful car can create a non-threatening introduction to an entirely different product. As a catalyst, it can be particularly effective across a broad range of consumers, because it encapsulates a product that is familiar to all people. Because it is an unusual example of such a universal product, it will also have the impact of surprise.

Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. Humans are a curious and gregarious species and for all our advancement, we still seem compelled to flock together. Thus, a group of people lingering around a display of Ferrari cars for sale might serve to draw in other curious onlookers, who in turn will draw in more. If the aim is to create buzz, make a memorable impression, engage the emotions and spark interest, there may be no better way to do it than by merely parking the right kind of car in just the right place.

Our Ferrari4Charity Focus: MassChallenge

Being a four-year-old-start, The Motosport Lab whole-heartedly supports MassChallenge as we understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when trying to bring a business idea to life.

Yes, there are a lot of these types of start-up competitions from collegiate or corporate sponsored competitions, but MassChallenge, in our belief,is uniquely positioned to be a pure economic driver to help not only the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but also other big markets as they progressively expand their presence.
We were able to recognize this through the 2011 MassChallenge Awards ceremony as we were all highly impressed with the winners that received financial support of $50,000 and $100,000 and intellectual support through mentorships of veteran entrepreneurs. Our favorite was Therapeutic Systems that designs, develops, and produces person-centered medical devices for individuals with autism, ADHD, and anxiety based disorders. They created Vayu Deep Pressure Vest – to create deep pressure sensory to address the unique sensory needs of people with autism and related disorders

We congratulate these winners and want to continue support MassChallenge through our 2012 Ferrari4Charity advertising program. This is where we introduce our customers to our target charities and non-profit and match our customer spend and provide free advertising media to these 501C3 companies via our Supercars.

For more information on MassChallenge, please check out www.masschallenge.org.
Here are the images of our Ferrari 360 Modena with MassChallenge and MassChallenge winners at the 2011 MassChallenge Awards.


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